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Mehefin 1af - Fe allwch nawr brynu tocynnau nos drwy fynd i'r adran 'Events' . It is now possible to purchase concert tickets by navigating to our events section on the main menu.

Ebrill 28ed 2024 - Mae'r wefan wedi cael ei ddiweddaru mewn pob adran.
April 28th 2024 - The website has been fully updated in all areas including the links above to download the complete schedule.

Ebrill 13eg 2024 - Mae pwyllgor Cymdeithas Sioe Amaethyddol Llanddarog yn dymuno gwneud y datganiad canlynol i sicrhau tryloywder ac eglurder ynghylch rheolaeth ariannol y gymdeithas. Nid yw hyn wedi bod yn bosibl hyd nawr am resymau cyfreithiol.

'Mae is-bwyllgor penodedig o aelodau’r gymdeithas wedi cynnal ymchwiliad i reolaeth ariannol y gymdeithas, ac yng ngoleuni'r anghysondebau a nodwyd maent wedi hysbysu’r Comisiwn Elusennau a Heddlu Dyfed Powys sydd bellach yn delio â'r mater. Mae Ysgrifennydd Ariannol newydd wedi'i phenodi.

Mae'r pwyllgor yn gweithio gyda’r swyddogion i sicrhau bod sioe 2024 yn ddigwyddiad llwyddiannus i'r gymuned gyfan'.


April 13th 2024 - The Llanddarog Agricultural Show Society committee wish to make the following statement to ensure transparency and clarity regarding the society’s financial management. This has not been possible until now for legal reasons.
'An appointed sub-committee of society members have carried out an investigation of the financial management of society funds, and in light of discrepancies identified have reported matters to the Charity Commission and Dyfed Powys Police who are now dealing with the matter. A new Financial Secretary has been appointed.

The committee is working along-side officials to ensure that the 2024 show is a successful event for the whole community'.

April 8th 2024 - Tickets for the show dance will be available to purchase from the beginning of May.

June 22nd - Correction made to sheep section details in the menu drop down to replace Jacobs with 'Any other continental breed' . This was already correct in all versions of the downloadable schedules. 

June 21st - Schedule update to sponsor section and subscription collection details.

June 9th - Towy Valley Axe Racing Demonstration to be held this year.  It is new for 2023 and will be a great spectacle for our visitors. 
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June 9th - 2023 entry form link updated

June 8th - Mae tocynnau i gig Bryn Fon a Baldande yn medru cael eu prynu dros y ffon (ar ol 5 o'r gloch y prynhawn). Mae gostyngiad am brynu tocynnau mlaen-llaw i grwpiau o 10 neu mwy. Gweler y poster nos ar y wefan hon am fanylion cyswllt neu danfonwch ebost i Payments can now be taken over the phone for evening tickets (call after 5pm). Pre-purchased ticket discounts for groups of 10 or more.  See Events dropdown menu for evening concert poster and contact information or email

June 8th - Sheep judges updated. 

June 5th - A first for the evening of Llanddarog Show as we have Bryn Fon with us alongside the ever popular Baldande. See our Events section from the drop down menu for more information. It will be a night to remember.
PLEASE NOTE : Without exception, entry is permitted for 18 and over only

June 5th - Schedule has been amended due to some last minute changes in availability of judges. This affects Section A & B as well as the following sheep section classes; any other continental breed;  any other lowland breed; young handlers.

May 26th - Show Schedule updated to include additional adverts and details of judges for sheep section. 

May 13th - Website has been further updated with additional sponsor information, advertisments section, Grand National event sponsor information, charitable donations made by the society and club official details. Check out the drop down menus  above to access the relevant information. 

May 11th - Note - There are no entry fees for classes this year and the number of classes entered is unlimted.  All exhibitors to pay general admission fee similar to the general public.  

May 11th - See our new 'Events' section in the main menu providing details including the interhunt relay (New for 2023) and the Show Dance featuring Bryn Fon and Baldande!

May 4th - Sheep judges are due to be published shortly. 

April 1st - This website has been completely updated for the 2023 show.
You can now read the class information directly by using the drop down menu for the competition or you can download the complete document by chosing the first option under the same drop down from the competition menu above. 

Schedule  for 2023 now available here