1 There will be no entry applicable to any class. All exhibitors to pay general admission fee on entry into the show.  

 2  All classes are open unless otherwise stated.

 3 All exhibits for competition must be bona-fide property of the exhibitor at least one month prior to the Show.

4 No person will be allowed in the ring during the judging except the President, Stewards, Officials, Judge and one person in charge of the exhibits.

 5 All objections must be made in writing to the Secretary within one hour of the judging of the particular class, stating the grounds on which the objection is made, and any person lodging an objection must deposit £20.00 with the Secretary, which sum will be withheld if the objection is found to be frivolous, and all objections and questions of dispute shall be referred to the Committee, whose decision shall be final and from which there shall be no appeal, legal or otherwise.

 6 All horses must be available to be measured on show field.

 7 In all cases of brood mares, it shall not be compulsory upon the exhibitor to exhibit the foal, but he /she must produce a veterinary certificate to the effect that the mare has produced a foal during the current year.

8 A cow or heifer over two years old must be certified at the time of entry or be in-milk or in-calf. If in-calf and not in-milk, the cow or heifer must calve within three months of the date of the Show.

 9 All cups won this year to be returned in a good condition to the Cup Secretary by 1st June next year. The holders of the cups will compensate the Committee for any loss or damage to the cups. The Committee will re-present replicas in the case of Perpetual cups, for an exhibitor winning three times in succession.

10 All persons found entering the Show Field except through the entrance will be at once given in charge.

11 The Committee shall have the power to settle any matter which may arise, and which is not covered by the foregoing rules.

12 Children MUST wear a hard hat conforming to current standards in all best turned out and young handler classes.

13 All exhibitors are responsible for presenting their exhibits.

14 All dogs to be on a lead.

15 Should weather conditions make it impossible to hold the Show, entry fees will be refunded, but the Committee cannot accept responsibility for the expenses incurred by exhibitors.

The Show will be held unless conditions are so bad that it would be unreasonable to ask exhibitors to subject the available livestock to the conditions of the day.
The Show and its competitors will abide by the rules and recommendations set out within the appropriate breed society in relation to their class. Misconduct must be reported inwriting only to the Show Secretary no later than 24 hours from the day of the Show.